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Latest Current Affairs 30 August 2023

Current Affairs 30 August 2023

  • India’s Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has implemented new guidelines to enhance the cybersecurity and cyber resilience framework for market infrastructure institutions (MIIs), including stock exchanges, clearing corporations, and repositories.
  • The Biden administration has released a list of ten prescription drugs that will undergo price negotiations as part of the Medicare program in the United States. This move is aimed at lowering drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries and addressing the rising prices of prescription medications. The list includes drugs for various health conditions, and the negotiations are intended to ensure more affordable access to essential medications for seniors and individuals with Medicare coverage.
  • The discovery of an 8cm live worm in an Australian woman’s brain has left the medical community astonished, opening up new avenues of exploration in the realm of animal-human interactions and zoonotic diseases. This rare and unusual case highlights the complex interplay between humans and the animal kingdom, shedding light on potential health risks that can emerge from such interactions.
  • ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 mission’s Pragyan rover has detected sulphur on the lunar surface near the south pole using the LIBS instrument. This marks the first in-situ measurement of lunar composition and enhances our understanding of the Moon’s geology.
  • The Russia-Ukraine conflict has highlighted the importance of drones globally. The U.S. is preparing to deploy numerous affordable drones to counter China’s military edge.
  • The University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute’s annual Air Quality Life Index (AQLI) report emphasizes that air pollution remains a major global health concern.

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